Mattress that prevents the shoulder pain

Sleeping on your foot, are you? If so, to ensure you have the best night’s sleep, the mattress needs to take those factors into account. Unfortunately, ending up with shoulder pain or hip pain is all too easy for side sleepers if their mattress is not well suited to this sleeping role-which most mattresses are not. If you are a side sleeper, let’s have a look at some of the particular issues with a side sleeping position, and what you need in a mattress, check here.

Body and side sleeping

Firstly, note that keeping a precisely symmetrical sleeping posture on the side is almost difficult. Your top leg will ‘fall in’ into the mattress to sit on it as you lay on your side, turning your hips. It is normal for the top arm and shoulder to still collapse onto the mattress as that happens, as there will be no other source of help for it. It is possible to either tuck the lower arm under the torso or push it upward near the head.

It’s interesting to remember that while you can think of a side sleeping position as a ‘leg-on-leg’ symmetrical position, it’s not that way in fact. Rather, it can be perceived more like an inward-turned place where the sleeper faces toward the mattress floor.

Some problems with side sleeping

A side sleeper places a lot of strain on the mattress nearest to his or her shoulder and thigh, which may create pain. The bending of the hips and shoulders mentioned above, which prevents the body from creating a normal balance, is an addition to the issue.

Should you consider switching the position?

There are several positions for sleeping. Trying other positions obviously doesn’t matter, but chances are that if you’re a side sleeper, that’s the position that feels most comfortable to you. You will not benefit from switching to another sleeping position in that case: it may not feel normal, so it will be more difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep in the new position. Each sleeping position has its own set of pros and cons – no ‘right’ sleeping position is available. Therefore, instead, you might want to focus on making your side sleeping position into the most enjoyable sleeping experience possible.

You may be among the people who need to sleep on their side due to a medical condition, in addition to those who tend to sleep on their side. For example, pregnant women should stop sleeping on their stomach or back after the first trimester-leaving only the lateral sleeping positions open to them. Another case is that it is advised that those who suffer from heartburn sleep on their left side. And those who snore prefer to sleep on their side to get comfort.

We hope this information has been helpful for you.